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Me:Usually, guys are attracted to a certain color of clothing that a woman wears. What color of clothing on me attracts you?
Him:If I want to get hard, I can just imagine you without any clothes on.
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People always ask me “How did you get where you are now for your age?”

My answer stays the same: “You gotta learn how to strive for the best for yourself—no one else.”

Someone pointed something out to me the other day….they said:

With your negative upbringing of not having your parents there when you needed them, shaped your perspective on life. We have parents and families who will know will always be there for us when something happens. Whereas you don’t have that safety net. Since you don’t have that support from anyone, you learn how to be more keen and careful with your decisions, because if something were to happen, you wouldn’t have anyone to help you. For example, if you were to get into a car accident and your car was a total loss. You would literally have no one to buy you a new car. When I got my car stolen, my mom bought me a new car. Your perspective on life is harsh, but it’s not a bad thing. It’s because you grew up to look out for yourself. Your parents lost that chance to put effort in your, because you grew so much in so little time. You had to grow up at a very young, taking the responsibility to take care of your brother with your parents being absent.

There are times when I look at other people spending time with their or not…I wouldn’t say I get jealous, but I wish I had that kind of relationship. Whenever I hear people complain about their parents, I always say “at least you have parents…at least you have parents who actually care.” and I feel a little sadness in me. 

That’s probably the reason why I seek good relationship with elders…because I want them to fulfill the emptiness in me. That’s probably the reason why I feel like my boss is like my aunt. Because she actually talks about my parents and my feelings. 

There are times when I do feel alone. When I feel like no one will ever be there for me….

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why are bats stigmatized as being creepy?



I mean

look at these things


they’re like tiny






but instead of breathing fire they squeak and cuddle 


in caves


and leaves


and they have funny ears and noses


I mean really


bats are amazing


Bats are truly one of my favorite things.

10/10 Would definitely cuddle. <3

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10 Terrifying two-sentence horror stories PART 2

part 1 - part 3 - part 4

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"And when you dream of me, dream of nice things."

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In which Jason is all of us.

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Ellen talks to the adorable couple whose epic proposal went viral, proving that love is always love.

This proposal was the best.

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