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My goal body. :) I’m almost there. 

My goal body. :) I’m almost there. 

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This puppy has such big dreams, I just know it.

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The things I’ve been trying to avoid thinking:

You left me. You left me after 4.5 years. The first time you left me was because you didn’t know what you wanted. This time,  you left me because you felt like you were going to disappoint me in the future—aka you gave up. Then when I told you that we can be friends, you told me how such a great person I am…and I’m thinking in my head ‘wtf! You tell me this, yet you’re not with me! I gave you everything. I gave you my all’

Mini rant:

I work hard to get where I am now, so we can start our life together. I reached my goal of being a manager at the age of 23. I’m living on my own to show you that I can financially provide for myself and hopefully for you. I chose to settle down with you so we can plan out our future. I was ready for you to put a ring on this finger. I was ready to give you my whole life. I was ready to be your wife. I told you my secrets, told you about my past, and I took you back when you broke up with me the first time. And for you to sound happy over the phone to be my “friend”. FUCK NO. You won’t be hearing from me for a very long time because you gave up. I tried to push you to move out of your parent’s house. I tried to push you to get a real job instead of working for your parents. You’re going to turn 30 and I was ready to devote the rest of my life to you. But you decided to give that up. It’s your loss, not mine. I give up on men. Mostly Asian men. I already told you that after you, I’m not going to date asian men nor men in general. It’s your loss. I’m still young and have future plans: I just got a raise and an internship ready in London and if I decide to come back, I got another job ready at UCSF or CPMC Hospital. PEACE. 

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chemical reaction

*how to spawn demons: a beginner’s guide to chemistry


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Anonymous asked: time to find a friend with benefit.


haha I know. 

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I’m so sick of relationships….

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Officially single

Why? Because he was holding back on what he wanted to tell me… he wasn’t determined to move up here and choose me.

Once again, he chose his family over me.

I’m disappointed in him but I’m somewhat happy for myself to finally do whatever I was planning on doing.

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